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SET 2 – Total Wheels + Saddle Security SET

Replace the Quick Release (QR) bolts on the 3 most commonly stolen bike parts, with C3N security bolts..


Set includes 3 parts, front wheel, rear wheel, and seatpost clamp security:

To stop wheel theft, Set 2 includes front and rear wheel Security Skewers;

Note: if your wheels use nuts, we can supply set 2 with these. just note this in the special order instructions.


To Stop saddle theft, Set 2 includes the Seatpost clamp security bolt (SQB);


If, as shown below, your bike does not have a quick release seatpost bolt, use SET 2 A



Set 2 includes:

………….. +

………….. +

  • …..Seatpost Security Bolt –  Replaces the Quick Release bolt on your seatpost clamp – fits all current QR clamps


EUR 49.00
Order Contains: 1x C3S120 + 1x C3S155 + 1x C3S SQB
Price @ EUR 49.00

Send purchase inquiry to your local distributor