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Set 2- Wheels + Saddle Security SET


…. Replace Quick Release (QR) bolts with C3N security bolts.


Front + Rear Wheel Security Skewers:




Seat-post clamp security bolt:



For bikes without Quick Release bolts use  Set 2B;



  • 1x A1 – Front wheel security skewer with combination lock- Standard 120mm axle length – more information
  • 1x B1 – Rear Wheel security skewer with combination lock- Standard 155mm axle lenth – more information
  • 1x C1 – Seat-post clamp security bolt with combination lock - Fits all existing QR clamps – more information





Technical Information

  • Skewer wheel axles - Standard common length. – High tensile cold roll ChMo. Made in Taiwan
  • Fits all wheels and bikes, MTB, Commuter, Hybrid, Rock Shox etc
  • Seat-post clamp bolt – Stainless steel – Made in Germany.
  • Includes adaptor to ensure perfect fit to all existing QR clamps.
  • C3N bolts fasten with regular allen key to 11Nm.
  • Install without removing the wheels or saddle.
Order Contains: 1x C3S120 + 1x C3S155 + 1x C3S SQB
Price @ EUR 65.00

Send purchase inquiry to your local distributor