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Set 2- Wheels + Saddle Security SET

……Replace your Quick Release wheel skewers


+ your seat-post clamp bolt


with C3N combination security bolts.


Suitable for any bike, Road, Commuter, Hybrid, MTB.

Highest level of security available.


No Keys ….. | ….. No Cable ….. | ….. No Special Tools

Our wheel security skewers are the standard size and length as existing skewers

what are QR skewers?


Wheel Security:

Set 2 includes front + rear wheel Security Skewers;




Saddle Security:

Set 2 includes our universal seat-post security bolt.

Fits any existing seat-post clamp or integrated clamps

Use your existing seat-post clamp




Easy to install;

Install in under 2 minute without needing to remove your Wheel or Saddle,

using a common hex / allen key

Includes a special adapter to ensure a perfect fit with any Wheel or Saddle seat-post clamp.

Wheel installation video | Saddle installation videoinclude free installation tool in my order




If your bike does not have Quick Release Wheels see here;



Cover type – Includes ‘OG’ cover type. For other cover types specify in the order instructions.

Order Contains: 1x C3S120 + 1x C3S155 + 1x C3S SQB
Price @ EUR 59.00

Send purchase inquiry to your local distributor